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MWC (re)launches prayer network

“It is sometimes hard to understand all the dynamics of what is happening in other parts of the world,” says Joanne Dietzel, coordinator of the PA 2015 prayer network. “However, as we share in prayer we become one body.”

With the launch of a new, ongoing prayer network, the Deacons Commission and Communications arm of Mennonite World Conference aim to connect the global body in praise and petition before God.

MWC Info, the monthly e-newsletter, includes short prayers concerning member church or regional concerns; the more detailed prayer network email will go out once every two months and occasionally at unscheduled intervals for time-sensitive requests.

“We are always looking for ways to stay connected in our global Anabaptist family,” says Kristina Toews, MWC Chief Communications officer. “The prayer network is one way to facilitate more interactive ways of sharing our stories, joys and sorrows. We would love to hear your stories and ideas for more ways to engage.”

The prayer network will allow prayers for national and regional churches and from MWC partners to be shared more widely. The Deacons Commission will organize a prayer team to respond to personal requests.

“Every problem or joy has to be taken seriously and is big for the ones who it affects,” says Henk Stenvers, secretary of the Deacons Commission. “So we want to make sure that even though a request doesn’t reach the global Mennonite news, there will be prayers for the ones who are in need.”

Those who sign up online will receive a regular email with four or five prayer items developed from requests submitted by regional representatives and on issues of concern from our members around the world.

All messages sent to or left on social media sites will receive prayer, though not all will be included in the regular mailer.

“Sometimes we are too centered on the circumstances that our own church faces. The prayer network is a wonderful opportunity to walk alongside other churches in compassion,” says César García, MWC General Secretary. “Many things can be transformed in this way, starting with our own hearts. Let’s walk with God in prayer – together!”

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